Insect Moon Buns

Insect Moon Buns

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With the warm weather, the insects begin to appear, but have no fear, these little bunnies just want a snuggle!

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Insect Moon Buns stand at 3.5” (9 cm) from head to bum. They are each hand made of acrylic yarns, polyester fiberfill, and acrylic safety eyes.

  • Caterpillar Moon Bun features a red cap and jaunty green stripes.

  • Honey Bee Moon Bun features jaunty stripes and zippy wings.

  • Dragonfly Moon Bun features a pretty teal color and four super zippy wings.

  • Firefly Moon Bun features glow-in-the-dark yarn on their bum and sleepy time blue wings.

  • Moth Moon Bun features fuzzy, fuzzy moth fuzz and soft evening wings.

  • Ladybug Moon Bun features cheery red shell with bold black dots.

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